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Finally, a healthy way to focus without the jitters of coffee or energy drinks.


Making the most of your time is important.

While coffee and energy drinks may give you a lift, they don’t necessarily help you focus. What alternatives do you have? Multi-vitamins and other “focus” products don’t provide noticeable results. Prescription medications abused by many students are unhealthy and unsustainable.

The idea behind Luminate was to deliver results the same day, but also provide a sustainable, beneficial boost to your brain.

What is it?

Luminate is a natural blend of amino acids and botanical extracts that helps with focus, concentration, motivation and mental acuity. Most users experience results within ~90 minutes that last throughout the day. Customers report improved motivation, mental stamina, and ability to retain information.

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Does it work?

Absolutely. Every ingredient in Luminate has been clinically studied and many students have experienced incredible results. As well, thousands of people in the nootropics community have benefited from the combination of Artichoke Extract, Forskolin, and L-Theanine. Check out our results page to see what people are saying.

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Is it safe?

Yes, very safe. We chose to include only natural herbal extracts, amino acids, and nutrients that have been widely studied. The key ingredients in Luminate are found in plants, protein rich foods, different fruits and vegetables and green tea. All ingredients in Luminate are "Generally Recognized As Safe" by the FDA.

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What Students Are Saying

"I thought it was great. I would describe the feeling as giving the work at hand a more interesting and curious quality" - Max, PhD Candidate, Princeton University

"I've taken 3 pills of Luminate every morning on an empty stomach for a week in preparation for my Ochem and Genetics midterm, and it has provided me with the concentration needed to bust through up to 6 or 7 consecutive hours of studying. " - Eric Yang, UCSD

"This supplement is empowering. it allows you to maintain focus, and the more efficiently you work, the more positive momentum you build. Even after I stopped taking the supplement, I was still able to focus better than the days before I took it." - Jessica M.

"For me, I started to feel the effects around 60 minutes after intake and was able to get 5-6 hours of intense focus. Best of all, I didn't experience any "crashes" or jittery feelings that are commonly associated with stimulants like caffeine." - DHC27 (Amazon Reviewer)

"I really did feel more focused when I would take it. "Focused" is a hard feeling to describe, but I notice when I'm working that I stay engaged with what I am doing longer. My work increments between study breaks are significantly and noticeably longer" - GoBIGRED7 (Amazon Reviewer)

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